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Fire Permits and Information

Inspection Checklist for Building Managers

Here is a list of items that need to be considered by building owners every year. Fire inspectors from the Beaver Emergency Services Commission can assist you with additional information on any of these items as well as methods to remediate any deficiencies.

1. Fire Alarm System:

  • Has the fire alarm system been tested by a qualified technician within the past 12 months?
    Yes____ No ____
  • Is the alarm panel accessible?
    Yes ____ No ____
  • Power On?
    Yes____ No____
  • Is there any visible damage to the alarm system?
    Yes___ No ____
  • Heat detectors in laundry, boiler and/or storage rooms?
    Yes____ No____
  • Storage of combustible materials in locations or quantities creating an unnecessary fire hazard?
    Yes___ No____

2. Portable Fire Extinguishers:

  • Is there a portable dry chemical extinguisher available on each floor?
    Yes ____ No ____
    (Minimum rating of 2A 10 BC)
  • Have the extinguishers been inspected within the past 12 months?
    Yes ____ No ____
  • Inspection tags are attached to extinguisher.
    Yes____ No____
  • Tamper seals are in place.
    Yes ___ No ____
  • Extinguishers are mounted on the wall correctly and are easily accessible.
    Yes____ No____
  • All extinguishers are properly charged i.e. pressure in the green.
    Yes ____ No____

3. Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Sprinkler systems tested annually.
    Yes____ No____
  • Storage at least 18 inches below sprinkler heads.
    Yes____ No____
  • Fire pumps tested annually.
    Yes ____ No ____
  • Fire Department Connection unobstructed and caps are in place.
    Yes____ No____
  • Cooking equipment suppressions systems serviced semi-annually.
    Yes____ No____

4. Emergency Lights / Exit Signs:

  • All emergency light packs operational and maintained to provide emergency light for at least 30 minutes.
    Yes____ No____
  • Lighting is present in all corridors and stairwells.
    Yes ____ No ____
  • Is the emergency power generator tested monthly including the annual full load test?
    Yes____ No____
  • Are records kept of all testing and maintenance?
    Yes____ No____
  • Exit signs are externally or internally illuminated.
    Yes ____ No____

5. Fire Separations and Means of Egress:

  • Are there holes in any walls or ceiling that separate the corridor and / or stairwell from the remainder of the building?
    Yes____ No ____
  • Are fire separation doors blocked or wedged in the open position.
    Yes ___No
  • Do the fire separation doors automatically close and latch?
    Yes___ No___
  • Are the stairwell handrails secure?
    Yes ____ No ____
  • Is the rug / floor covering worn or torn creating a trip hazard?
    Yes ____ No ____
  • Access to exits and exit doors kept clear of obstructions.
    Yes____ No____
  • Has snow or ice accumulated to block exit doors or create a slip hazard?
    Yes ___No____

6. Miscellaneous:

  • Is there a Fire Department Lock Box?
    Yes___ No____
  • Proper keys in the lock box.
    Yes___ No___
  • Is the building addressed properly?
    Yes ____ No ____
  • Is the private hydrant accessible?
    Yes____ No_____
  • Are there any accumulations of lint around laundry equipment?
    Yes____ No____
  • Is the Fire Lane being blocked?
    Yes ____ No_____
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October 16, 2017

Viking Mayor:

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Cindy Lefsrud - 161
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Judy Acres - Councillor
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