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Viking Multiplex & Curling Club

Viking Multiplex & Curling Club


Viking Curling Club, Box 822,  4431 - 55 Avenue, Viking, AB T0B 4N0
For ice times, league information and schedules, call 780-336-3424




Home of the Fridge Spiel

In 1950 a local committee put together the first Viking Fridge Spiel. 37 rinks competed with winners receiving Westinghouse Deluxe refrigerators. This spiel carried on for the next 22 years with fridges being awarded during the first four year, followed by deep freezes, TVs, clothes dryers, dishwashers and stereo units. A full page ad for one of the earlier spiels described it as a 'Frig Spiel', while another story described the prizes as 'ice boxes'. Cash prizes were presented during the last five years the spiel was held. The name Fridge Spiel stuck no matter what the prize package consisted of.

The first spiel carried a 40.00 per rink entry fee. Spectators were charged 25 cents at the door, or a buck for the whole week. Bargains were everywhere in 1950.

At one time this was the largest spiel in Alberta, drawing entries from all corners of Western Canada. Some well known names included Matt Baldwin, Mike Chernoff, Hector Gervais, Glen Gray, Herb Olson, Billy Rose and members of the Dobry, Hafso and Maxwell families of Viking.

In 2000, with the support of Acklands Grainger and Westward Tools, the Viking Curling Club hosted the 50th Anniversary Viking Fridge Spiel. The 50,000 merchandise prize package made this an attractive event for competitive curlers.

In 2002 and again in 2003 the major sponsor of the Fridge Spiel was Crosley Appliances.

Past Fridge Spiel Winners

1950 --B. Cumberland
1951 --Billy Rose
1952 --Billy Rose
1953 --Cecil Runyon
1954 --Billy Rose
1955 --A. Gore
1956 --D. Greene
1957 --Glen Gray
1958 --Hector Gervais
1959 --Herb Olson
1960 --Lumir Dobry
1961 --Hector Gervais
1962 --Mike Chernoff
1963 --Hector Gervais
1964 --Hector Gervais
1965 --Rick Cust
1966 --George Anderson
1967 --Hector Gervais
1968 --Hector Gervais
1969 --Doug Dobry
1970 --Wayne McElroy
1971 --Doug Dobry
1972 --Gordon Maxwell
2000 --Ken Hunka (Edmonton) -- Ken Hunka, Randy Ferbey, Scott Pfeifer, Pat McCallum
2001 --Don Isaman (Wainwright)-- Ken Berg, Don Isaman, Marc Rajotte, Greg Leggett
2002 --Pat Miller (Daysland) -- Pat Miller, Einar Fossen, Colin Miller, Bob Seney
2003 --Pat Miller (Daysland) -- Pat Miller, Reg Enright, Randal Huseby, Bob Seney
2004 --Randy Ferbey -- David Nedohin, Randy Ferbey, Brent McDonald, Jeff Erickson
2005- Mark Johnson (Edmonton)-Mark Johnson, Rob Bucholz, Glen Kennedy, Nolan Thiessen
2006 - Dave Sears (Tofield)


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Viking Election

voteViking Election Results

October 16, 2017

Viking Mayor:

Vote Results:
Cindy Lefsrud - 161
Jason Ritchie - 225    - Elected

Councillors - All positions acclaimed

Judy Acres - Councillor
Dana Ewashko - Councillor
Maynard Huibers - Councillor
Rod Hunter - Councillor
Clinton Nearing - Councillor
Laurel Weisgerber - Councillor